At Infinity Body Piercing Studio we specialise in all aspects of Body Piercing. Infinity fully complies with the NSW Health Departments guidelines about piercing. We use Autoclave sterilisation for non-disposable tools, and sterile single-use piercing needles.

We pride our studio as being a safe and welcoming space for everyone. At Infinity, we strive to be a one-stop resource for body piercing.

We’ll answer all your questions and help you walk you through the piercing process, from what you need to know before getting your piercing to aftercare suggestions. We’ll also help you with buying jewellery in-store.

No we prefer walk ins, our piercer is highly experienced and super fast so you never have to wait too long

You must be at least 16 years old with valid photo ID. Without photo ID you will not be pierced.

For persons under the age of 16 a parent must be present in store to provide consent.

For all genital piercings you must be at least 18 years old with photo ID.

We use an autoclave to sterilise all our non-disposable tools, forceps, receiving tubes and any other piercing related instruments we may require for piercing. Prior to being autoclaved, the instruments are soaked in a hospital grade disinfectant then rinsed off. An antibacterial detergent is then used to remove any stubborn matter then rinsed again. The instruments are then dried and placed in a sterile autoclave bag before being placed in the autoclave for steam pressurized sterilisation.

All our jewellery for piercing are placed under the same strict sterilisation procedure and is individually packed in a sterile mini-pouch.

We only use single use sterile disposable piercing needles and biopsies. We open a new needle in front of our customers prior to every piercing. All used needles are placed in a sharps container and are collected by a licensed needles collections contractor for disposal.